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What we learned this week... England were so bad they made Wales look good

The Three Lions were about as intimidating as a litter of kittens but still won, while Mario Balotelli played with his iPad on the bench, and John Terry dished out life advice

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kulka4465d ago

The English just can't pass the ball around they look average yet number 4 in the world according to FIFA

freeduck4465d ago

Don't blame it on the players. The manager can't get the best out of them

Corepred44465d ago

You can't just blame the manager its the players fault too. They need to step it up!

freeduck4465d ago

The manager is the one who picks the players. If he sees "lazy" players or players who dont give their 100%, it's his job to drop him and replace him with an eager passionate player.

Hence why I feel Capello should drop players like Lampard, Cole, Ferdinand, Barry, Milner, they had their Euro's and World Cup's and failed.
Players like Baines, Cahill, Downing, Jarvis, Wilshere should be played instead