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Highlights: Arsenal 1-0 Swansea City (English Premier League - 10/09/2011)

1-0 A. Arshavin 40'

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That is the worst goal I've ever seen.

no_more_heroes3901d ago

that was the luckiest goal I've ever seen.


Well Arsenal were due some luck.

no_more_heroes3901d ago

Thankfully, Gervinho, Song and a few others will be back next week.

monkeymagik3901d ago

Well at least swansea didn't bend over like BOLTON. Has to be the greatest gifts ever.

no_more_heroes3901d ago

They made Brendan Rogers proud today. He wasn't there 'cuz his dad died today.

Sahil3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

:( he must be real proud

Gamer19823896d ago

What else is new?? West Brom are the only team this season in the PL not to bend over to united. They were unluckly beaten by a lucky goal by young. Don't get me wrong in the red are playing well but defences are just not bothering under pressure.

sokrates3901d ago

Arsenal needs luck to get 3 points! In my opinion they deserve it too, but not far from now I am afraid _______Wenger will make Arsenal a real winning team. S

Gamer19823896d ago

Arsenal need to EARN 3 points rather than getting them gifted.