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Wayne Rooney vs. Sergio Aguero: Which Striker's Hat-Trick Was More Impressive?

Surely, after this weekend's performances, it would be very difficult to bet against the top two spots of the Premier League going to the two Manchester teams. For the fourth consecutive weekend, both Manchester City and Manchester United recorded victories, and both did so in style.

Sergio Aguero scored all three goals for City as they recorded a comfortable 3-0 victory over Wigan Athletic, while Wayne Rooney recorded his second consecutive hat-trick in a 5-0 domination of Bolton.

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Nes_Daze4104d ago

I think the play that led to one of Aguero's goals was far more impressive than Rooney's "hat-trick". Now individually nothing really spectacular. No matter what, both players are always a pleasure to watch on the field.

buddymagoo4104d ago

Rooneys third goal was spectacular an wins it for me.

Gamer19824103d ago

Why?? Are you just biased?? None of the 6 goals were spectacular in reality but the lead up to the goals that's a differnt story City has the better midfielders but seems Uniteds strikers doing a better job. Well maybe not better but they scoring more right now. Neither team has had a challenge though Chelsea should be a half decent challenge for you.

buddymagoo4103d ago

Arsenal with Song, Van Persie, Arshavin, Ramsey. not a challenge? Arsenal are always a challenge. We battered them 8-2. Let's see how you go against them.

If anyone hasn't had a challenge it is City! Swansea, Wigan.

Form is temporary Class is permanent.

RedDevils4104d ago

LMAO and there actually an article of this?

Gamer19824103d ago

I agree a bit silly to have an article on it. To be fair too all goals were scored comfortably none of them really stood out like last weekends goals.