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Mancini: Silva as good as Xavi

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has hailed David Silva as one of the best players in the world and put the Spaniard on a par with Barcelona star Xavi.

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buddymagoo4100d ago

You would think so for 30m. What did Xavi and Iniesta cost again?

Gamer19824100d ago

24 million actually. Just 7 million more than Owen Hargreaves.. A total bargain no? Cheap shots are easy mate but I would prefer to not do them personally.

buddymagoo4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

Hargreaves played in the final and won a Champions League with Manchester United. Something Silva will never do with City.

You are delusional my friend. Have some perspective.

Anderson84099d ago

he's class but he's not on xavis level..

a city fan tryna make jokes about bargains??... do you really want to go there

Gamer19824098d ago

Oh you know the future do you now? Seems all you united fans do it bang on about the past.. I ain't gonna argue with you as it's not worth it. Silva is the best midfielder in the premiership right now anybody who knows anything about football would agree. Even all my united friends said they would love him in a united shirt so don't give me crap. You are just biased and cannot have a real conversation about football.

freeduck4098d ago

Silva is amazing but there are better midfielders in the premiership, in my opinion

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