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'Wayne Rooney wants to be the best player in the world' – Manchester United defender Patrice Evra

After a scintillating start for the Englishman, who has net eight times in four Premier League games, his team-mate says he is hungry to succeed and put last year's woes behind him.

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KingPin3907d ago

Rooney is already the best player in England. No contest.

his work rate is exceptional. if he isnt scoring he is assisting players like chicharito and berbatov. he is a true team player and he has really matured. i dont see him throwing as many tantrums like he used to.

i sometimes think rooney is overlooked when it comes to awards that only the likes of messi and ronaldo are in the running for.

Gamer19823907d ago

for 3 months at a time maybe.. Rooneys problem is he becomes the best player in the world for 3 months scoring for fun then disappears off the radar and goes on a dry spot. Luckily united have other strikers around him to make up for his lack of goals when it happens and it's what makes them so successful. Most united fans will disagree but I am just atstaing the truth here it happened last year and all too often when Ronaldo was there. They tried to blame it on Ronaldo but it's just Rooney hes a hot and cold player but he gets enough goals to earn his contract so who cares?

KingPin3907d ago

i see what you saying, and i dont think he's a hot and cold player. i just think that when another player is in form he really doesnt mind taking a back seat and taking the role of provider rather than scorer.

you look at last season, players like berba and chicharito were on fire. while players like anderson and carrick faded as well. if it wasnt for rooney to drop back the way he did, i dont think hernandez or berba wouldve scored that many goals.

but like you said, its still early in the season so we shall wait and see.

freeduck3907d ago

I agree with both of your comments. Rooney needs to be more consistent if he wants to be among the best

Sahil3902d ago

everyone wants that :)