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Highlights: Dynamo Zagreb 0-1 Real Madrid Champions League - 14.09.2011

0-1 Di Maria 53'

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Nes_Daze3906d ago

wow, Real Madrid looked pretty weak in this game, I think the best two teams in La liga unfortunately haven't had enough time to warm up since they usually start out slow.

HxCGamer3906d ago

Yea not a good game, we still played a lot better than they did. still, 3 points.

and its not like chelsea or man u have played that well in their champions league matches either

Anderson83906d ago

early group games are rarely entertaining

buddymagoo3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )


Already looking for excuses. I thought your team was supposed to be miles ahead of everyone else in Europe, shouldn't you have won this 4-0???

HxCGamer3905d ago

ummm not looking for excuses...

we won! more than i can say about you versus Benfica... hahaha seriously benfica...

HxCGamer3905d ago

All i was saying is that there is never much action in the first matches of CL

You should stop being such a dick... seriously

Every comment i see from you is always so negative. Lighten up man =]

Flashwave_UK3905d ago

good points dont lisen to the demented man u fans arsenal and real madrid ftw

buddymagoo3905d ago

Lol pathetic. Go and win something already.

Nes_Daze3904d ago

very true, Manchester's performance for their first game was no better.

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Anderson83905d ago

madrid in red just doesnt look right