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Roberto Mancini admits Manchester City were nervous against Napoli

Roberto Mancini's mood could be accurately gauged by his expression when asked whether his father, Aldo, watching his first Manchester City game, had offered his thoughts. "Not yet," the manager said. "But he will criticise me tonight."

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freeduck4460d ago

The next thing they will do is buy Cavani :P

Gamer19824459d ago

Haha we were linked to him actually in the window Mancini really wanted him then we were linked to Sanchez then Aguero.

XboxInnovation4460d ago

Napoli are way better than City, they should ave won 3-1. I knew City was overrated, they have only so far beat up on the likes of the Swanseas and Wigans of the world.

Gamer19824459d ago

It's there first game of the CL as a team there is bound to be first game jitters for a few players. It was a good performance though and 2 hits of the crossbar :(. Napoli though defended very well and probably deserved the point they were very hard to break down as they marked the strikers very well.

Don't forget this is the team that came 3rd last year in the same league as AC Milan who drew against Barcelona. Theres not much difference in terms of skill between them and AC.

XboxInnovation4459d ago

Jitters my ass, that is a poor excuse. This was Napoli's first UCL appearance too and they looked hungry and more organized, even playing away! City got lucky to get a point. They'll be lucky to even get a win in this group stage.