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'Fans whistle me because I'm good-looking, rich and a great footballer' - Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo says Dinamo Zagreb fans are 'jealous' of him after receiving jeers from the local supporters in his side's 1-0 win in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

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"It's surely because I'm good-looking, rich and a great footballer. They're jealous of me. I don't have any other explanation,"

lol he has no idea...

sdtarm3452d ago

agreed i feel bad for this cocky prick

heroicjanitor3451d ago

Feel bad for him? He's rich, good-looking and a great footballer. Why feel bad?

Corepred43451d ago

yeah they are exactly the type of people CR7 is referring to. Ronaldo is my favorite because I admire his skill and the things he's accomplished. Football skill, money and fame. And I bet he's smashed some of the hottest girls you've ever seen! Hate him if you want you know its true!

Gamer19823451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

No Christiano it's because your a tw*t

buddymagoo3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

What like Balotelli??? At least Ronaldo has accomplished something in his life.

You sound like one of the people he is talking about.

b163o13451d ago

Get off the man's Jock. CR7 is a beast no doubt, but one bad tackle and his career could be over just like that. He'll forever be the KING flopper in my book, with makes him just good as hell, not great

FootballZilla3450d ago

why is he a twat?

great footballer,,

ProjectVulcan3451d ago

Great footballer- No doubt.

Rich- Of course.

Good looking- Debatable.

Modest- definitely

Rage_S903450d ago

Do/did people boo
Luiz Ronaldo
etc, etc? no well they were/are all great players. Ronaldo is a prick simple as.

KingPin3451d ago

i dont get why people hate on CR. he is good at what he does, so he can be arrogant if he wants <not that its nice he is arrogant> but at least he has reason. Mario Ballotelli <couldnt be bothered if i spelled his name wrong> on the other hand is not only useless, but thinks he has as much skill as ronaldo and messi put together.

FootballZilla3451d ago

I know all the comments above prove what he said..

Anderson83451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

people don't mind confidence.. but there is rarely any need for arrogance.. these kind of comments are the reason most people prefer messi.. humility

Dakidog3450d ago

@ Anderson8

Humility isn't bad but it's a choice, why does one have to be humble when they're good at what they do? Can't he be Arrogant, why should it be a problem...I can understand if he didn't perform like countless others. I can say there are a lot of athletes who were and still are arrogant but people just love them(Maradona, Micheal Jordan for example).

Honestly people just need to stop being pussies(not calling you one just a general statement)and getting over sensitive. Humility is overrated...say you want that girl at the party or that promotion at're not going to act humble and let the next man take your shine!

In the end people grow some balls! Not like what he said is a lie lady said she'd do him lol(almost made me boo him too j/k).

monkeymagik3451d ago

most women i know think he looks like a woman, shaved, makeup and girly things he wears, he is bi.

As a footballer, he is ok. Has not new tricks, does the swap over time and time again. Only poor footballers fall for it,lol.

He was a dirty slag against england as are most international footballers, as UK is the home of football. They don't like it.

There are many top players, he isn't at the top/

XboxInnovation3451d ago

Basically he just wanted to say he was good looking as the reason why because then every other footballer would be whistled and screamed at because most have the other two.

He's not even that good looking, he dresses gay and He walks like he has a dildo stuck in his butt that Marcelo left there from the night before.

FootballZilla3450d ago

People dont want him to say that he is great footballer that his rich or that his good looking..

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