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Is La Liga better than the Premier League?

Former Valencia, Liverpool and Inter manager Rafael Benitez discusses the differences between La Liga and the English Premier League in terms of the physicality involved, technicality, and tactics.

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Can somebody give Rafa Benitez a job?

KingPin4278d ago

why would they wanna do something dumb like that.
he takes top clubs and turns them into mid-table teams.
<look at liverpool, dalglish fixing his mess> <inter saw this coming and got rid of him before they dropped down the table>

if he is destroying top clubs, imagine what he would do to a current mid-table team. probably get them relegated.


Didn't he lead Liverpool to the Champions League in 2005 and made them finish 2nd in the league in 2009? he must be able to do something right in football management than to write articles comparing crap like... 'the number of fouls between cards' in La Liga and the Premier League.

XboxInnovation4277d ago

Yeah because Inter now is doing so well without him. Inter is old and washed up, Mourinho got out at the right time. Liverpool has been going through transition for the last couple years, which is nothing easy when playing in the Premier league..And Dalglish is overrated, he is not a great manager.

CYBERSNAKE4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

Double Post...ignore

RedDevils4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

useless article by Rafa Beneath-US

freeduck4277d ago

Really? What part of the article did you not like, or was it just because it was written by Rafa Benitez?

RedDevils4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

No, because is the Comparison EPL vs La Liga. How many time have you seeing this, just enjoy the game, this topic have been non stop and still couldn't find a conclusion.

You might like La liga and I like EPL, these stats proves nothing of which league is better, fouls/Yellow cards do this even prove anything? Goals ratio? Even if I said EPL had more better teams and are more competitive, with teams like United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, and you could comeback and said Madrid, Barca, Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid etc what that prove?