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Highlights: Novara 3-1 Inter Milan (Italian Serie A - 20/09/11)

1-0 R. Meggiorini 38'
2-0 M. Rigoni 86'(pen)
2-1 E. Cambiasso 89'
3-1 M. Rigoni 90' +1'

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jak3y13oy4084d ago

Who the hell are Novara!? and why are Inter doing so s***!?

sdtarm4084d ago

yeah worst start for inter in decades

CaptainMarvelQ84084d ago

Something weird,Milan recently lost 3-1 and now inter.and all of that by lesser know teams.
and to make it even weirder Real Madrid lost too but with a 1-0 defeat.

Three big teams losing in one week, coincidence?

XboxInnovation4084d ago

Milan lost to Napoli, hardly an unknown team. Inter is just too old with a shitty manager, and Real Madrid are overrated. Plus it's still early in the season.

CaptainMarvelQ84084d ago

Did I say unknown? I said LESSER known,Milan is definitely more famous that Napoli.Real Madrid...overrated? really?! Don't tell me Barcelona are the greatest team too.