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La Liga a better place after Valencia's rise to the top of the table

It was well past one in the morning and the votes were still pouring in. TV station La Sexta had asked the question and they were answering in their thousands. Can Valencia win the league? Not Real Madrid, not FC Barcelona: Valencia. Never mind the 25-point gap that separated them from the top last year or the 28 points by which they missed out on the title the year before, never mind the obligatory departure of their best players or the fact that the Sevilla president, José María Del Nido, had dubbed this a "shit league" that could only be won by the big two, the answer was "yes". And by some distance, too: 73% of viewers said that Valencia can win the league.

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Towers4269d ago

I think that 73% who said yes want them to win or at least challenge for the league to make it a bit more interesting. I hope they do win it, buy some quality players who won't leave them for the big 2 and keep challenging. The two horse race la liga really isn't as interesting as it could be.