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Owen Hargreaves says Man United treated him like a 'guinea pig'

Owen Hargreaves has claimed Manchester United put his career on the line by administering the wrong treatment for his chronic injury problems and making a series of mistakes that left him fearing he may never play football again.

Speaking for the first time about his "guinea pig" treatment at Old Trafford, Hargreaves claimed the club's medical staff decided he needed a course of injections for his knee injury. There is no evidence whatsoever that Hargreaves was misdiagnosed or improperly treated, but the midfielder believes the treatment led to his condition deteriorating, leaving him barely able to walk and with a knee that felt "like I was made out of glass".

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Gamer19824596d ago

Fergies claims different but either way its a serious accusation by the player and if found to be true he could in theory sue them for a lot of money.

buddymagoo4596d ago

Did you even read what he said. Trying reading the article before making assumptions. Jeez!

DavidLuiz44595d ago

Can You Read at all? lol