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Arsenal fear Robin van Persie will leave as contract talks stall

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has said he does not want to discuss signing a new contract at the club, insisting he cannot “look into the future”.

Van Persie’s current deal runs until 2013 and Arsenal are desperate to avoid a re-run of the situation they experienced this summer with Samir Nasri going into the final 12 months of his existing contract and leaving for Manchester City.
Clubs like to renegotiate in the season before the final year of contracts but Van Persie is one of four key players who have less than two years left on their deals, along with Theo Walcott, Thomas Vermaelen and Alex Song.

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Gamer19823681d ago

It's not going well for arsenal right now it got pretty bad in July for Arsenal it could get a LOT worse next July.

krazykombatant3681d ago

Things are looking pretty bleak for arsenal at the moment. Come the next transfer window they need and try and do something to stop some of the bleeding. I don't know if they can even manage a top four finish, but you can't just write them off completely. If there is no Champions League next season, that will diminish the number of players interested in coming to play for arsenal.

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Sahil3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Is he leaving arsenal or somethn after what happened.