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Highlights: Everton 0-2 Liverpool (English Premier League - 01/10/11)

0-1 Caroll (71')
0-2 Suarez (82')

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Sahil3885d ago

For me Enrique was motm, never let anyone past him, how he got to that ball from Bellamy was great. I thought the back four did well although it was easier given they had ten men.(didn't deserve red card although no blame on Suarez as it was a foul). Other than Lucas and Adam I wasn't that impressed by our wide players or the front two.

Both took their goals well but that was one of suarezs worse games in terms of link up play but you can see how class he is even playing average he's great.

Most importantly three points, clean sheet and Carroll of the Mark.

freeduck3885d ago

the game really changed when Bellamy and Gerrard went on. I think Bellamy should start against United, every game he played he was fantastic.

Could've been 3-0 had Kuyt scored that penalty but I guess his infamous penalty streak is broken. I'm hoping Adam will take penalties from now on (doesn't he have a perfect penalty record?)

TKCMuzzer3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I'm sorry but it was not a foul. Suarez was caught after the ball was won, it was fair, it's called momentum. Suarez yet again went down as if had been shot influencing the refs decision.

All in all it was a poor game and to be fair Everton where a little unlucky as Liverpool were far from impressive. It's not how you win them though, it's just about winning them.

The game changed with the sending off, end of. Bellamy was going to have an effect, he was fresh against a tired ten man Everton. I'm sure Daglish might be a little more wary against Man Utd, so don't be surprised to see Bellamy warming the bench again.

Sahil3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I'd prefer the same team for the next game, Gerrard in - Adam out.

Mozilla893885d ago

EPL fantasy agrees with you, Enrique netted me 9 points!

Sahil3885d ago

me too :) he shud get the 3 bonus points too.

kulka3885d ago

great result always diffcult to beat everton

TKCMuzzer3885d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you?

People he is correct, it's a derby, playing against ten men against a team who can dig in. It was a good result. I'm not a Liverpool fan but I know when I have read common sense.

xX_Altair_Xx3885d ago

Sorry, I disagreed with you; I give everyone disagrees even if they talk sense.

kane_lfc3885d ago

Everton also played a better team than they did VS City and it was at Goodison so why the f*ck are people disagreeing with him?

xX_Altair_Xx3885d ago

Lol what was the ref smoking.

TKCMuzzer3885d ago

His Liverpool branded pipe by the looks of it.

Sahil3885d ago

I cudn't find any other videos, thanks for the link.

mjsmufc993885d ago

martin Atkinson was an absolute joke, he shouldn't of referred a game after the united Chelsea game at Stamford bridge last year but yet hes regarded as one of Englands best premier league referees WHAT A JOKE! wasn't even a foul

kane_lfc3885d ago

Besides the sending of mistake, he didnt have a bad game...anyway im a LFC fan so he had a perfect game! :P

Sahil3884d ago

Ya.. I had a feelin he's gonna do something huge today like last year's two red cards.

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