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Bayern Munich fans caught having sex in stands during Hoffenheim match

No player managed to score in Bayern Munich's 0-0 Bundesliga draw with Hoffenheim at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena on Saturday, but among the capacity 30,150 crowd, there was one highlight.

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NewMonday4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

was the game that boring? ;P

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LOL.. some comments from the link:

"That guy should teach Bayern Munich a thing or two about how to penetrate a defence"

"At least somebody scored"

"they had no choice if dey cant enjoy d game dey can enjoy dem self"

"I do believe you'd get tazed for that in texas"

"They were just displaying their undying passion for football, that's it"

"Really, you wait for them to do it a second time to kick them out?!?!?!"

krazykombatant4440d ago

hahaha nice!

It would be funny if the commentators got behind it.

I could just hear andy gray now. "Women may not know about the offside rule, but that one knows a thing or two about taking it all home."

Vames4440d ago

Sexytime....anytime. Lol

no_more_heroes4440d ago

I wonder what the people around them were thinking...

...or feeling...

ngecenk4440d ago

pic or it didnt happen! :p

i guess for 'a few fans' its not a draw anyway

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