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Russian Billionaire Sues Chelsea Owner For £3,500,000,000

Two of the world’s richest men came face to face yesterday in an explosive court showdown which is set to lift the lid on corruption that goes right to the heart of the Kremlin.

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no_more_heroes4076d ago

Oh, to be filthy, stinking rich...

Corepred44076d ago

while people are born into poverty and have trouble eating. i know that's how it works but its just sad.

sokrates4076d ago

Russia is strange... A few People got rich when a president started to give away -the nations property filled with gas and oil- to friends!!! Thats one of the reasons I cant stand Chelsea. Those money were supposed to build schools and Hospitals to the people in Russia - not to pay Torres and Drogba.

ngecenk4075d ago

russia is the only country where mafias are more powerful than the gov.

Sahil4076d ago

this could stop chelsea from making ridiculous transfers, just saying.

jony_dols4076d ago

It won't stop Man City, Liverpool or Real Madrid from splashing the cash though...

ngecenk4075d ago

thats like 70 torress!