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Manchester United overtaken by New York Yankees as world's most valuable sports brand in Forbes list

United, who were named in July by the respected American business magazine Forbes as the world’s richest sports team with a calculated wealth of £1.65bn, have slipped to second place in the brand ranking, with the Yankees’ value rated at £221m ($340m) compared to United’s estimated brand worth of £175m ($269m).

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kane_lfc4077d ago

Thats because they have a fanbase of glory hunting c*nts, if they where relegated all there fans would stop supporting them.

buddymagoo4077d ago

You hunt the glory of Man Utd in just the same way. Maybe one day you will learn. To follow someone, whether you like them or not, is still to follow someone. Keep up the support!

Anderson84077d ago

you know, all these comment wont get your team back into the champions league... just sayin

kane_lfc4077d ago

Most of the Man U 'fans' still think Juan Veron plays for them and couldn't name the regular line up

KingPin4077d ago

Liverpool fans <kane_lfc> is still wishing robbie fowler comes out of retirement to save them and bring them back to the top 4.

RedDevils4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

same goes with the liverpool plastic fans in the USA, as well as Barca, RM, Chelsea and now recently Man City. So what your points again?

zeddy4077d ago

the manu fanbase enjoys entertaining brand of football. maybe if lfc stopped signing rubbish players like henderson and boring players like carrol more people would watch them.

sokrates4077d ago

Liverpool still in the 80`s. Football has developed. Liverpool has not. The end!

freeduck4077d ago

kane_lfc reminded me of a funny joke about Utd fans:

A recent poll on the Manchester United club site asked fans "Which player do like the most"...
The results came out and Ji Sung Park came out on top with a vast majority of the vote...
Apparently fans thought it said "Which player do you look like the most?"


KingPin4077d ago

lmfao kane.

Why is it that you troll all man united articles?

do liverpool not make the headlines enough for you?

well, i guess since seeing your hopeless team playing only in the premiership <a competition they wont win in any case> it leaves a lot of time for you to troll the net.

you sir have a sad uneventful life.

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Nes_Daze4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Reason I don't like the Yankees is because people from NY come to my state to moan and whine about how Ny is so much better in MY state. Maybe it is, but I don't go to another state to brag about how my team just happens to have the most money in the league and buys all the good players. Doesn't even make much of a difference since they're going to lose to Detroit either way...:)

Dakidog4076d ago

The Yankees don't buy all the players...half the team came through their system, ppl don't know shit! They hear some bs and run with it, You should be glad they make all that money cause the shitty teams in the league get that money with revenue sharing(ever see the stands at a Marlins game?)...they couldn't get money without them. Then you have to consider all the extra fans that come to the ball park when the Yankees play your team...means more $$ for your team(ungrateful ppl jeez).

Then everyone acts like it's just the Yankees, you have a lot of big market teams who make money and have big payrolls Boston, Dodgers, Mets, Phillies, Angels, but you'll be hated on if you're a winning franchise so it shouldn't be a surprise.

Another thing...most of the Yankees players deserve the money they get paid, if someones good at what you do why not pay them like they should be? A-rod for example...the Yankees weren't the ones to pay him out the was a contract the Rangers gave him that they didn't want to keep so they traded him and the Yankees took over the rest of his contract. Boston also went for him the only reason he choose New york was because he is from there.

Btw what person doesn't go to a different state and talk trash...normal sports rivalry if you ask me, stop being soft lol.

Nes_Daze4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Yeah there aren't many people at Pro player stadium because the team sucks, who wants to go see their team lose??? Uhh where did Aj burnet play before the yankees?? You are hated on, when you are an overrated franchise with ignorant fans. As for pay, I don't care what the players get paid. What person doesn't go to another state and talk trash?? Me, the people who I know that talk trash are living in florida, talk shit about the state and the teams, yet they praise their state, why not gtfo then?? It's not a matter of being soft or tough, it's about having respect, something NY kids should learn.

kane_lfc4076d ago

Its because Man U have been selling there 'soul' on the Asian market.