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Maradona brands Sir Alex Ferguson a 'joke'

Diego Maradona has branded Sir Alex Ferguson “a joke” for voicing his opinion on Carlos Tevez as speculation grows that the Argentine legend is set to offer the Manchester City an escape route away from the Etihad.

Maradona, who coaches Al Wasl in Dubai, once advised Tevez to quit Manchester United when he was stuck on the bench at Old Trafford.

Now he has told Fergie to keep his mouth shut when it comes to matters that don’t concern him.

Maradona said: “Ferguson should not be talking about it because he became a big coach only after he got big players.

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buddymagoo4070d ago

You are a joke my druggie, hand balling, cheat, friend.

sokrates4070d ago

Hmm. Maradona has my respect for always telling what he thinks. Kind of Honest in a absurd way. But its been years since he has said anything close to reasonble.

Maradona is a joke -

neoragex4069d ago

he's not a cheat, where did you get that.

Shadow Flare4069d ago

Are you for real? You're probably being sarcastic, i cant tell. He played against England in the world cup years ago and blatantly hand balled the football to score. The infamous "hand of god". It effectively kicked England out of the world cup

Yes, he's a cheat

krazykombatant4069d ago

@Shadow Flare, Idk if your english either way people ALWAYS criticize maradonna for "the hand of God" thing... But all I have to say to you is this. Enjoy.


Incoming kane_lfc comment agreeing with Maradona in 4,3,2,1 ...

KingsCross4070d ago

:) Wrong! But I Like Kane`s comments. The attitude of never putting anything inbetween is worth respect!


lol of course you like kane's comments, all he does is slate United.

XboxInnovation4069d ago

If Maradonna was walking down the road in my town he would just be mistaken as another Mexican.

Sahil4069d ago

he's not mexican.. lol

Mozilla894069d ago

Maybe he refers to everyone in Central and South America as Mexicans...

KingPin4069d ago

Maradona brands Sir Alex Ferguson a 'joke' - after he sniffed a line of coke.

neoragex4069d ago

you have to respect what he says!

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The story is too old to be commented.