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Alan Hansen – ‘Luis Suarez is the signing of the year and will become an international superstar’

Liverpool legend Alan Hansen believes Luis Suarez has been the signing of the year since his January move from Ajax.

The Uruguayan forward has adjusted to life on Merseyside well, and has continued his fine form into the new season despite gaining little rest over the summer due to his country’s Copa America exploits.

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RedDevils3878d ago

Isn't he already an International superstar lol?

sbalty3878d ago

When Phil Jones takes him out of his back pocket about 2.30pm next Saturday you will realise how ridiculous this comment is. Very good player but the media obsession with seeing Liverpool come good again is so exaggerating his true value. Plus it helps if you are playing alongside grossly over rated players like Henderson and Carroll.

freeduck3878d ago

It's funny because I can say the same thing about Jones.
Jones = 20m
Suarez = 26m

No doubt Suarez was the better buy as he has a more profound impact on the game.

Gamer19823878d ago

Phil Jones is vastly over rated since hes been in the united defence you have had more shots on your goal than any other team in the premier league. If it wasn't for other players and a bit of luck those would have been converted into goals. Hes certainly no Vidic and never will be but comparing a defender to a striker really?

Suarez had a great start to the season last year when he signed in Jan but has slowed down with Liverpool as for best signing? Hmm I would rather have Aguero any day of the week :p

kane_lfc3878d ago

Suarez and Aguero are both great in there own way, Suarez influences the game and completely makes Liverpool look like a different team and Aguero is a deadly finisher.

Yep, Jones certainly is over-rated.

Gamer19823877d ago

I would agree with that kane. Liverpool without Suarez right now even with Steven Gerrard would be fighting for nothing more than a Europa spot at most.

kulka3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

lol Suarez will destroy Jones