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Barcelona want Ashley Cole

Barcelona have put Ashley Cole at the top of their transfer hit-list.

Coach Pep Guardiola’s priority is a left-back and Chelsea’s Cole fits the bill – if Barca can get him for around £12million.

Cole, 31, is ­Guardiola’s first choice, but now he must convince Barca president Sandro Rosell to make a move.

The European champions are long-term admirers of Tottenham’s Welsh winger Gareth Bale – but his sky-high price tag has left them believing Cole is a better option.

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Gamer19824068d ago

You would be right to doubt its the mirror reporting.. 0_o

RedDevils4068d ago

Well to be honest Barca do need a LB, Abidal is one of their weakest link, if they can find a good LB though, but CA$HLEY. Cole is old

Theo11304068d ago

You are crazy, Abidal has been one of their best players, he contains that left flank extremely well, I'm a madrid fan, but he had di maria in his back pocket the whole time.

Sahil4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Isn't he a bit old.. they shud probably go for someone young.

ohahCantona4067d ago

interresting seeing him in Barcelona!!