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Liverpool threaten TV breakaway

Liverpool are prepared to lead a challenge for Premier League clubs to sell overseas television rights individually, according to managing director Ian Ayre.

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no_more_heroes3871d ago

Spanish clubs trying to adopt the level-playing-field English TV rights model, English clubs trying to adopt the big-club-servicing Spanish TV rights models.

Oy vey...

Mozilla893871d ago

By english clubs you mean Liverpool, the article says Chelsea, Arsenal, Wigan, and even Man City are against such a move.

It seems like a bit of an arrogant threat to make.

RedDevils3871d ago

this is sound of desperation from Liverpool, it will only benefit Liverpool/Big teams in a short term, in long term PL will suffer the same way Spanish Teams atm, people will get bored that mean less viewers

Sahil3871d ago

This is ridiculous. Why do you think billions of people watch the premier league anyway? It's because it's interesting and competitive. Turn into la liga and every club would get less money eventually.
Like someone said earlier short term we get more money but it's suicide in the long term.

Now if the purpose here is actually to re-negotiate the distribution and make the overseas part performance based as well, I don't have a problem with that.

And for people who say this will give us advantage over Chelsea and city etc, it won't. Liverpool fans overseas are also fans of the league and will want to see these games as well. This is about stopping rm an barca's lead over English teams.
The right way should be pressuring la liga to change their model, not the other way around.

Gamer19823870d ago

Doesn't affect sky this is for sales of games abroad.

kulka3871d ago

This would be stupid Premier league is the best league in the world only because the weaker teams get a huge portion of money from tv rights they will have no money if rules change

Gamer19823870d ago

This is nothing more than Liverpool trying to cling on to the old big four. They need to let it go it's over. As they are the ones who would make the most out of this deal but they would have to crap on everybody else to do it. The other members of the old big four are not interested as they are still up there. Only Liverpool are as they aren't. This is a case of spiting their dummy out because they cannot get back into the top 4.