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Manchester United's Javier Hernández signs new five-year contract

Javier Hernández has agreed a new five‑year contract that moves him into Manchester United's higher bracket of earners and continues the club's policy of ensuring all their more valuable players are confirmed as long-term assets.

Hernández's agreement follows the announcement on Monday that Tom Cleverley had signed a new four-year deal, meaning United have tied 13 players to contract extensions in the past year. Daniel Welbeck, who has two years to run on his current deal, has also been offered new terms though Dimitar Berbatov's position continues to look vulnerable.

United have not officially announced Hernández's new contract but the club have been keen to finalise terms since the summer, rewarding the Mexican for scoring 20 goals in his first season since signing from Chivas de Guadalajara.

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Gamer19823912d ago

As much as I agree with tying down your best players 1 great season and you write off 3 years and pay him the same as say Berbatov and the other top earners at his age?? What message does this send out? I think he should have had at least 1 more year before he got his new contract unless he was only on a 3 year?

KingPin3912d ago

i get what you saying, but lots of top clubs are showing interest in him. tying him down is something they have to do. and man united wouldnt sign him long term so early if they didnt think he has what it takes.
same thing happened with CR7 back in the day.

buddymagoo3911d ago

This is from the guy that supports City that pays Milner 100,00 a week lol.

kane_lfc3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

They actually pay Milner like 200k a week, Richards is there lowest 1st team earners on 100k :P

Gamer19823910d ago

Whats Milners wages got anything to do with it? I'm not argueing his pay worth here I am arguing the point of giving him a new contract so soon. As for other clubs wanting the player does this mean United are losing there power to hold onto players so need to give them tons of cash to keep them? That's what your saying right?

I don't agree but I don't also agree with the chain of thought that the lower the wages the easier it is to sign a player. As the team have to accept and offer for a player etc..

Anderson83911d ago

hes proved he is good enough waiting would give other clubs an easier chance of trying to sign him