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Benitez: Fergie success down to money

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has played down Sir Alex Ferguson's role in the success of Manchester United, insisting that money has been the decisive factor in the club's triumphs and not the Scot's management skills.

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Gamer19824372d ago

OUCH. Don't get me wrong I agree on some level United have been paying the highest salarys of any club for years now look at the top earners in the premier league over the last 5 years the top 5 are all united players. Proving United buy success but lets be fair here Chelsea proved time and time again money isn't enough. You still need some great management skills. Though money does help look at Barca and Real Madrid the reason they dominate is nobody can touch them when it comes to money.

zeddy4372d ago

man utd gained sucess through winning tropheys and gaining a large fan base around the world. they got the money over time and they earned it. man city didnt win anything for about 30 years till they bought the fa cup last season. portsmouth were more worthy winners when they won it.


'now look at the top earners in the premier league over the last 5 years the top 5 are all united players.'

I'm sorry but have you seen your team? Someone needs to tell Rafa that Fergie didn't bring success to United 5 years ago.

heroicjanitor4372d ago

Didn't Benitez spend like 250million pounds on shit players?

buddymagoo4372d ago

Benitez actually spent more than Sir Alex so I don't understand his point? Let it go!

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KingPin4372d ago

yeah right.

Please spare me. when Fergie came in to man united, he didnt get to buy a team from scratch - man city/robert mancini comes to mind. also, it took him 4 years before he won his first trophy. he builds teams up. mixing youth with more experienced players. sure, he does buy players, all clubs have to.

but at the same time, he bought ronaldo and sold him for 350% profit. hernandez looks to be another one of those.

so spare me, ferguson has good management skills. Many managers in the EPL and even around the world know how good SAF is.

P.S - SAF wouldnt be there for more than 2 decades if his success was based purely on money. Benitez never lasted longer than a decade anywhere his worked so he should just STFU.

Crankbrute4372d ago

He's just a fat spanish waiter. What does he know

RedDevils4372d ago

RAFA Beneath-US nuff said