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City want six-week Tevez ban

City confirmed on Wednesday night that Tevez is facing disciplinary proceedings over his alleged refusal to play against Bayern Munich last month, and they could now hand the forward the maximum punishment the rules permit.

Tevez has already served a two-week suspension, though, and that can only be extended with the permission of the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA). City's legal team have already sought the union's guidance on the matter.

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Sahil4366d ago

2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks.. make up your mind city or you need to spend a 100m to solve this problem.

Mozilla894365d ago

I don't think Man City can give him a six week ban without having it approved by the player's union. That's why they gave him a two week ban while they try and get the longer ban approved by the PFA.

Gamer19824364d ago

Thats exactly it they can only give a 2 week ban without the approval of the PFA. Sahil do you just go on every City thread to take a cheap shot or do you just know nothing about football?

KingPin4365d ago

just sell the bloody idiot ASAP and its problem solved.

im tired of seeing this on every page everyday.

enough already. fine him, ban him or sell him, heck, do all of the above if they must.