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Collymore: Ditch Rooney for Euros

Former England striker Stan Collymore says Fabio Capello should leave Wayne Rooney out of his squad for Euro 2012 if the forward's three-match ban stands.

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kulka4360d ago

He will miss all the group games so fair point


England shouldn't have a problem getting through the group stages without Rooney but in the knockout stages, they are going to need all their best players especially Rooney.

kane_lfc4360d ago

Rooneys apsolute rubbish for England...he was are worst player at the world cup.


Its not like the rest of the team were any better, England were abysmal during the world cup, hopefully they do better in the Euros.

Anderson84359d ago

since when do england not have problems getting through group stages in tournaments.

@kane he was coming back from injury and clearly unfit..capello was stupid to play him in the world cup

Gamer19824359d ago

Rooneys record at major tournaments is shockingly bad he hasn't scored in a major tournament since 2004. Plus why give him the spot instead of somebody who deserves it more who actually works hard and doesn't almost cost us a place in the euros?

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zeddy4359d ago

i would still have him as a sub. it would be unfair to drop someone after 3 games, thats assuming we even get that far.

sizeofyou4359d ago

Sadly I agree with Collymore. He's no doubt a talented player but his temperament is not good enough. There'll be the usual "changed attitude" and "different person" garbage but he'll go out against a team who'll wind him up deliberately and he'll be off again. Not good enough. Leave him home as he's not able to play in the groups. Doesn't deserve the (third) chance as far as I'm concerned.

xX_Altair_Xx4359d ago

England without Rooney are just average. Even if Rooney doesnt play his best he can still do things no other England player can. They will need him in the knockout rounds.

I actually see it as a blessing in disguise - England should get through group stages in ANY tournament no problem witout Rooney; so he gets a rest for two weeks and fit for the quarters.