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'Wayne Rooney’s three game ban is a joke’ - Everton manager David Moyes

Toffees boss has acknowledged the striker’s mistake but criticises Uefa’s ban, which will see the striker miss out on the the group stages of Euro 2012, claiming it is excessive

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no_more_heroes4365d ago

So was Gervinho's ban for gently flicking a piece of lint off of Joey Barton's face.

Seriously though, it should only be a three game ban if someone really gets hurt. Otherwise, it should just be a one game ban.

Anderson84365d ago

it is excessive but how can you ever judge if a player is realy hurt and how hurt would they have to be for it to be a 3 game ban.. that idea would be to vague..

and no1 can complain.. rooneys an idiot for kicking him

Gamer19824364d ago

It's all in the eye of the beholder ain't it? United supporters should be happy with this anyway as the games hes banned for the league will still be running so it means he will be rested for them.

Infernostew4364d ago


What are you talking about? Euro group stages are in the summer after the prem is over.

Gamer19824364d ago

less chance of serious injury though no? Either way its better for them.