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Highlights: Otelul Galati 0-2 Manchester United (UEFA Champions League Group C - 18/10/11)

0-1 W. Rooney 64'(pen)
1-1 W. Rooney 90'(pen)

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sokrates3911d ago

We were lucky tonight! But, 3 points is what we need. Rooney fell easy, no? Really not sure about that penalty...

KingsCross3911d ago

Rooney was diving!!! United is just full of shit... Not good enough against a team with a total of spendings of £2.5 million a year (!) so we cheat!!! Their budget for evrything (all players, trainers, transport...) a year is enough to pay only Rooney 4 months!

ad4mb3911d ago

coming from a Chelsea fan.... go away tool

DavidLuiz43911d ago

ad4mb - i know your not talking fool , go make your chicharito do the same ;)

RedDevils3911d ago

Diving watch the damn game fool

badz1493911d ago

but at the 90th min, there was no way they can come back for a draw either

Prophet1123911d ago

That wasn't a dive, Rooney lured the defender in and the defender took the bait. If you look at the replay the defender trod on Rooney's right foot trapping it and leaving Rooney's left leg no where to go but into the defenders leg, it was impossible for Rooney to stay on his feet.

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no_more_heroes3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Apparently the English equivalent to the word "Galati" is "Fortress". To be honest I thought Man Utd would rubbish that name by hammering them, but Otelul Galati can be very proud of the way they played. They weren't embarrassed at all.

RedDevils3911d ago

To be honest we play like Sh*t, the game is very slow, having Carrick everything seem so slow, Valencia were poor thankfully Nani come to the rescue, with his passes and tricks. I think we really missed Cleverley for the pass few games

Prophet1123911d ago

Man Utd's problem last night was they had to break through a 10 man defense every time they went on the attack and United didn't help themselves by slowing there attack allowing Otelul Galati to get men back (Nani was guilty of this in the first half, literally stopping and trying to trick his way passed the defenders on a few occasions.)
Also I thought Berbatov would of been the better choice to start as his close ball skill would have been better suited to the congested Galati goal box.

sublIME2s3911d ago

That's why I'm so proud in being Portuguese! Nani is always the saviour! Go Man Utd

MaximusPrime3911d ago

Man U seems to have a habit of penalties lately.
Another poor game by Man U but lucky to earn points from late penalties.

If Man U continues playing that way, highly unlikely will they reach a semifinal

xX_Altair_Xx3911d ago

Last season Man U did not play well until the Quarters; and we all know who they beat there.

DavidLuiz43910d ago

Were talking about this season , anybody can talk about the last season ;) Manure fan

xX_Altair_Xx3910d ago


Actually Man U have started slow the past few seasons and have ended up getting further than chelshit (see, anybody can make up nicknames for other teams).

You're right, anybody can talk about the past - except chelsea who dont have much of a history or heritage.