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Motta: Inter are Messi's first choice

Inter Milan midfielder Thiago Motta believes that if Lionel Messi ever chose to leave Barcelona, the Nerazzurri would be his destination of choice.

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Corepred44360d ago

why? messi would be crap at inter. he's already shown that he's only good in Barca's system.

RedDevils4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

Lol is this like Ronaldo or something except everywhere Ronaldo went he succeed, PSV, Barca, Inter and RM and not to mention he been injure for like 4 years. If Messi want to prove to the world that he is the best and not dependable on Barca then go for it, but imo he more likely to fail as the other team's system won't suit him

Corepred44359d ago

I don't really understand what you're trying to say. But yeah so far Ronaldo has succeeded in two leagues but nobody was mentioning him. But I do agree with you with other team's systems not suiting messi. BUT with Barca's system he's remarkable.

Anderson84359d ago

i think you guys are talking about different ronaldo's

Shang-Long4359d ago

your talking about c.Ronaldo

red dev is talking bout the Brazilian legend Ronaldo

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Sahil4359d ago

doesn't matter if he goes to another club or not, he's just BRILLIANT.

Nes_Daze4359d ago

it's not really so much the system as it is the other players. We have seen how good Argentina can play when they pass the ball around more instead of playing individually, and how bad they can suck when they don't. Barca just has a lot of players that are heavily skilled in passing the ball.