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Mark Hughes: Mancini is holding City back

When the revolution came at Manchester City, Mark Hughes knew it would be hard to survive.

He was part of the old regime, a relic of a past without oil money, but he did a fine job for Abu Dhabi all the same.

He watched as shoe salesmen in fancy suits showed him flip charts and unveiled graphs, pointing out lines he must not dip beneath.

He travelled to the Gulf and sat on sofas with Sheikh Mansour while racing stallions paraded in a circle around them.

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buddymagoo3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Treating the guy as if he is a mug. Lets not forget when he came to the premiership he had already won 3 Serie A league titles and 4 Copa Italia trophys.

kane_lfc3910d ago

Mancinis tactics are rubbish, he makes City play like Stoke City...

Anderson83910d ago

he did last year when he had to make sure that they got into the champs league but this season they've played good attacking football

Gamer19823909d ago

Hmm I am not Mancinis biggest fan but holding us back? SAF probably thinks differnt after today..