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Mario Balotelli sets house on fire with fireworks

Police and a fire crew were called to the Italian striker's home in the early hours of Saturday morning, with breathing apparatus, hose reels and a smoke fan required

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli had to escape from his burning house after fireworks had set fire to the bathroom, reports have revealed.

The Guardian reports the 21-year-old managed to leave his home without suffering injury just before 1am on Saturday morning - a day before Manchester City take on Manchester United at Old Trafford.

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Yi-Long3907d ago

... less than 24 hours ago I believe I've read an article about how he has now finally matured, turned his life around, etc... :D

I'm pretty damn sure that even Paul Cascoigne is sitting at home, going: "THAT guy is MESSED up in the head!" (!)

ProjectVulcan3907d ago

I still adore watching the bib incident LOL anyone would think that a chimp had a higher IQ after seeing that


Fireworks in the bathroom? I know he's stupid but I'm just... lost for words right now.

Fez3907d ago

If you're gonna use fireworks in your house, the bathroom is the best place to do it. Bright lad. Imagine the carnage if he'd been silly enough to try them in the bedroom...

ad4mb3907d ago

As a united fan I think hes top. Not because hes bad for city (he can be a class player), but because hes funny and really doesnt give a **** what people think of him. haha

MaximusPrime3907d ago

So much for your "bad boy" days being over

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The story is too old to be commented.