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Fletcher: Man City lack global appeal

Darren Fletcher has added more spice to Sunday's derby by claiming that city rivals Manchester City will never be as big as Manchester United.

The United midfielder acknowledges the turnaround City have undergone in the past couple or so seasons and appreciates their wealth of resources.

However, Fletcher believes that the Red Devils' past glories and rich history will never be surpassed by their neighbours.

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b163o14358d ago

After the Molly Wopping Utd just recieved from City? I think will start to build one HA!

Gamer19824358d ago

They got global appeal from a plane crash lets be honest not from victorys. If it did hes admitting all there fans are bandwaggon followers.

Sahil4358d ago

not a United fan but that is just disgraceful.

Infernostew4358d ago

Wow dude, You're a huge scumbag.

ad4mb4358d ago

wow, and stuff like that's not being flagged as offensive... fair enough, you silly cunt.