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Highlights: Arsenal 3-1 Stoke City (English Premier League - 23/10/11)

1-0 Gervinho 27'
1-1 P. Crouch 34'
2-1 R. van Persie 73'
3-1 R. van Persie 82'

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Nightfallen3900d ago

I hope the Gunners could keep this up, top 3 this season? I hope =P

no_more_heroes3900d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath. Definite improvements have been made, especially defensively, but we play Chelsea next week, at Stamford Bridge. Let's see how they do in that match before we get too optimistic.

Anderson83899d ago

atleast drogba is suspended he normally tears u guys to shreds.. i hope arsenal can keep rvp or atlast he stays in the prem