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Highlights: Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City (English Premier League - 23/10/11)

22' Balotelli 0-1
60' Balotelli 0-2
69' Aguero 0-3
81' Fletcher 1-3
89' Dzeko 1-4
90+1' Silva 1-5
90+3' Dzeko 1-6

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xX_Altair_Xx3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Fergie's darkest day. The midfield just isnt good enough. I hope he sees that now (though that still doesnt explain conceding 6 goals).

HxCGamer3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

hahahahahahahaha oh what must man u fans be thinking now?!

seriously... making up excuses probably

xX_Altair_Xx3905d ago

Hmm, a Real fan? Talking about getting outplayed? Of course they would know all about that since Barca give them a beating every time they meet.

Anderson83905d ago

the same as when madrid got spanked 5-0 by barca..

terrible scoreline.. not takin advantage of our eraly dominance cost us and the evans sending off jus made it all too easy for city (i doubt he'll be playing again for a while).. but even so 6-1 is inexcusable the defending was atrocious and they walked through us with ease.. a sad day but i still see us winning the league

buddymagoo3905d ago

Sickening! Dark day, lets hope for a bright one in May.

Corepred43905d ago

LMAO! look at them. They are saying anything that will take the attention off this loss. lmao

NewMonday3904d ago

what goes around comes around

buddymagoo3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Fact of the matter is. We were dominating until Evans got sent off. Lets see if they can beat us with 11 men.

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Pacman3213905d ago

Worst day of my life.
Even if we had 11 men, city would of thrashed us. We need to sort out our midfield, and Evans.

Prophet1123905d ago

I don't believe we would have been thrashed if we still had 11 men, it was pretty even and I didn't really see that changing much although City were playing with more composure and discipline than us. Hopefully SAF's eyes will be opened by just how much a liability Evans, Anderson and Fletcher are. Fletcher failed to mark Silva all of the 1st half and when Evans was sent off Anderson should of come off straight away because he is lazy as hell, both goals after the sending off were direct results of Andersons laziness in not marking or chasing Silva.

ProjectVulcan3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I disagree that city would have beaten united like that with 11 men.

That is just what happens when you throw caution to the wind and attack with ten men. 3-1 down was containable, but the goal gave fresh hope for a revival and so everyone was thrown forward. No coincidence they score 3 in the last 3 minutes when ALL of them were unnecessary. Manchester United simply do not sit back at home and rather than accept a 2-0 or 3-1 loss, and sit deep and defend like any other team of quitters, it turned out as it did.

This is often why when Man Utd do collapse, they collapse massively just like the 1-4 defeat to liverpool 2 years ago too.

First half it was tight, United had the possession but the goal was Evans' fault, the red just finished the contest. Evans is Mr liability once again- Vidic could have made all the difference. A red so early into the second half put it beyond United really.

A day to forget, but when Liverpool crushed United at home last season and the gloating of this shift or massive change etc carried on all i said was that it wouldn't matter so much if the title was won. The only way to redeem that is to take the title again to show that it was a one off and they just took the advantage on the day. Lots of football yet to play this season.....

mcstorm3905d ago

I have to say in the 1st half united were the better team going forward but did not get any shots off yest city got one chance and scored the goal. Going into the 2nd half i though united would of come out and startrd strong but how i was wrong evans yet again letting his side down no need to pull him back and as soon as that happened i felt city would take the 3 points.

We often get a game like this in a season and it wakes the team up and they push forward from there. Its still early in the season and 5points is not alot to make up. United have played all the top 5 sides now city liverpool spers Chelsea and arsenal all have to play each other now so its not out of reach by any means for united but we need to look at out midfield. To me stick rooney in there and put herndez and welbeck up top with nani and young on the wing and park next to rooney as he is a worker. Then back 4 speaks for its self but i now think its time for saf to drop evans and i think he should of gane in the summer and kept big john.

I will give it to city today they were the better team on the day but there is along way to go before the end of tbe season.

HxCGamer3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

i mean i know i'm going to get major disagrees

but man u fans are the biggest dicks on this website, and laugh at any other team... so this , this is just perfect.

LOVE Balotelli's shirt btw haha why always me?
that kid is quite the character

hahaha those jokes are priceless. legendary difficulty is nothing to f around with!

Gamer19823905d ago

They do laugh a lot don't they? Nothing to laugh at today though :)

Snakefist303905d ago

Man Utd fans are always agnorant they think there are the best actually they arenot.

Blackdeath_6633905d ago

6 - 1 is a massive score on a high end game, this sunday was full of drama chelsea were two men down against QPR (lot of tension during that match) todays highlights are gonna be enjoyable.

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cozmo1953905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Upset, traumatised by today's score line?
then call 0161 16 16 16 for advice today!

How about we watch six and the city?

i just tried to get on the man utd app on my iphone but it keeps crashing with the error code 1-6

Looks like Sir Alex changed the difficulty to legendary

Still got loads of jokes to say

"I bet Alex Ferguson will be outdrinking the average Scottish Alcoholic 6-1 tonight"

"United fans must be feeling six to their stomach's after that result."

"Manchester United blame their 6-1 defeat on resting one of their best and most influential players. Howard Webb."

Monday morning... Mrs Ferguson:
Wake up Alex, its 7 already!!
Alex: What? Hey? How? Fucking hell have they scored another one???"

Sahil3905d ago

Six and the City... LMAO

Being a Man United fan must make 1-6

Sahil3904d ago

Q) What Time is it?
A) 6 Past De Gea!

ngecenk3904d ago

ohmy six and the city joke is priceless! well done sahil! :))

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b163o13905d ago

Wow 6-1. Hope people start really considering us Contenders now. SuperMario sets bathroom on fire one day, knocks in two in the Derby.....That's My Balotelli!!!!


Gamer19823905d ago

Your joking right? The utd supporters never will #deluded isn't the word.. This should be a wake up call but they will blame it on the sending off.

buddymagoo3905d ago


What score was it before the sending off. Same happened in the Fa cup semi final.

kane_lfc3905d ago

Evans being on wouldn't of made a difference what so ever, Evans is absolute rubbish.