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What caused United massacre in Manchester derby?

Even before Edin Dzeko had raced onto David Silva's sublime pass and slotted past David de Gea to condemn Manchester United to their heaviest Premier League defeat in history, questions were inevitable after City's resounding display against the champions.

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kane_lfc3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Evans is apsolute rubbish, he wouldn't of made much of a difference.

The thing that caused it is...Man City have a vastly superior squad.

Infernostew3902d ago

I agree that he is rubbish but we could've subbed him for Jones.

Anderson83901d ago

a man less would always of made a diff.. our defending has just been bad all season and we've got away with it.. a result like this has been coming for a while the first signs were at chelsea we've give away 3 times the amount of chances as the other 2 teams in the top 3 it needs to be sorted out

Sahil3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

yeah like united did something special with him on.. LMAO

Excuses.. Excuses.

I guess you think balotelli must've dived and cheated.. when evans got red carded.

Infernostew3902d ago

Ummm... no, it was a clear last man foul. I actually thought it was going to be a PK. Balotelli goes down easy sometimes but Evans clearly dragged him down. Just because your boy Suarez is a flopper and all United supporters called him out doesn't mean we think everyone is. Whether Evans is shit or not. Being a man down, no matter how bad they are, gives your team a clear disadvantage.

Gamer19823902d ago

As much as I agree being a man down gave united the disadvantage that alone was not the reason for the dismantling of the team. The quality of the players was the differnce. Utd fans have been denying it for a while now but there is a difference in quality between the 2 teams.

kulka3902d ago

The diffrence in quality is enormous only 2 or three United players would get into city side there is a power shift in Manchester

kane_lfc3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

@Kulka I don't even think 2 Man U players would get into the City squad

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zeddy3902d ago

the only positive thing coming out of this game is that evans will now miss 3 games. we had a perfectly good centre half on the bench called phil jones.

freeduck3902d ago

This game was proof that Utd's squad is abysmal. I have been saying this for so long. Utd win a lot of their games due to luck and scoring in the little chances they make.
Statistics don't lie. There are more shots on target against Utd than any other Premier League team. Yet they are currently second? I watched when Utd played Norwich at home and they played horribly, yet they won 2-0. No doubt they got lucky, and Norwich deserved something from that game. Now Liverpool played Norwich and played like Barca in the first half, many goals should have scored because we hit the crossbar 5 times. We got only a point from that game.

Utd got lucky winning the title last season. They were poor, but won because other teams were inconsistent. They aren't going to win the PL with this squad. The only two defenders from Utd that I rate are Vidic and Evra. Their midfield is pretty poor as well but their attacking lineup is the only thing that they have going.

ngecenk3902d ago

i wouldnt say that. clearly they have a good squad but the problem with young players is they give up easily. the red card was really a shocker and you can see the different pace the young player played after that. not enough winner mentality yet. and the old one is probably was too tired chasing dzeko and balotelly.

and oh... de gea is the real problem. the positioning skill was really bad

guigsy3901d ago

Our first loss of the season and suddenly our team is abysmal? I suppose our wins against Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs were all down to luck weren't they? Then again this is coming from a Liverpool fan whose team has been abysmal for the last two seasons and yet think they play like Barca... delusions of grandeur by the Kop massive.

freeduck3901d ago

Let's see. Arsenal sold their best players (Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas), and their midfield and defenders were injured. Arsenal claimed 2 red cards, no? It was a very bad time for Arsenal to play Utd. Any team could've beaten Arsenal that day.

Chelsea played better than Utd, imo. Torres missed two goals, one open and the other right in front of it. Other Chelsea players had some opportunities as well.

Utd did beat Spurs fair and square so I will give you that one

Liverpool have been "abysmal" the past 2 seasons as you say, because of ownership issues and management troubles.
I don't think the current squad is abysmal at all. I see the squad is improving every week and new signings need time to gel until the squad starts banging in wins every week. Tough start, but still around 30 games left.
People will criticize Liverpools' transfer market but I think we made some really good signings.

Anderson83901d ago

you may get lucky wining on or 2 games you dont get lucky wining trophies.. the league never lies if u win it its because you were the best team over 38 games and the most consistent.. dont be so delusional to try and write all that success off as luck.. winning games when your playing badly is what makes champions and liverpool have never been able to do that in recent times, thats why you havent been in the top 4.. you need to take all the points off teams like norwich instead of just taking points in the big top 6 games

kane_lfc3901d ago

@Freeduck dont forget 2 of the goals scored against Chelsea were offside...