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Wenger has empathy for Ferguson

Arsene Wenger knows exactly how Sir Alex Ferguson is feeling after Manchester United were thumped 6-1 by neighbours City.

Less than two months ago Arsenal suffered their own Old Trafford horror show when they crashed 8-2, and the Gunners boss admitted he did not see United's shock defeat coming.

"It's a surprise," he said. "But France nearly beat New Zealand in the rugby and that was a surprise.

"Like when we lost 8-2, the big scores have no special meaning, it only means something special happened in the game.

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neoragex4425d ago

MANU 1-4 LIV (2009)
MANU 1-6 MANC (2011)

Should we wait for another 2 years? I guess not :P

ad4mb4425d ago

who won the league in 2009 though?

neoragex4425d ago

that's not the point.. the point is SHAMEFUL DEFEATS.

buddymagoo4425d ago

The point is not to win the league? LMAO!

Don't worry, this hurts us but thinking about winning all those leagues makes us feel all better again.

Gamer19824425d ago

Yeah but this seasons not over lets not keep talking about the past yeah? The fact is City are 5 points clear now with a massive GD.

nikebee4425d ago

@Gamer192 - it's October.... you don't win things in October...

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KingPin4425d ago

sometimes you the bird, other days you the statue.

neoragex4425d ago

No... am just saying I've never seen a defeat like this.. even wigan with their second string team cannot get spanked like this.

nikebee4425d ago

Oh come on, Wigan lost 8-0 to Chelsea last year.

Your God awful attempt at trolling has fallen flat on its face.

United beat Arsenal 8-2 two months ago as pointed out.

United beat Ipswich 9-0 back in the mid 90's.

There have been far bigger scorelines than this, United may have never seen such a defeat in modern-day football, but the way we've been playing defensively recently... it was just bound to happen, it's just a shame it happened against City.

Like I said above though - it's only October, and you can't win anything in October.

Sahil4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

FYI, chelsea defeated wigan at the bridge.. lol
(united beat arsenal and ipswich at OT)

losing 1-6 and that too at home is just.. speechless!

nikebee4422d ago

Fine, then how about Forrest 1 - 9 United in 99?

My main point is still that one result doesn't make a season - if anything, with our shoddy performances it could just be the kick up the arse we need.