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Villas-Boas facing FA wrath

Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas is facing action from the Football Association following his outspoken attack on referee Chris Foy on Sunday.

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buddymagoo4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

I for one agree with AVB just like Sir Alex said, todays referees are not up to premier league standard. Half of them don't look fit enough for 90 mins.

Gamer19824422d ago

Even so I knew soon as I heard him say what he said he was gonna get in trouble you cannot publicly say what he did. He should have left it between him and the officials. If he had a problem he should have taken it up with the FA. Fergy has been done for this many times before as has Wenger seems managers don't learn

xX_Altair_Xx4422d ago

But it seems refs dont learn either. They bang on about respect but it's difficult to respect incompetence. If any other professionals did their jobs as badly as refs they would be sacked.

karim4422d ago

And how come Chris Foy isn't facing the FA's wrath ?

Kos-Mos4422d ago

And we all should listen to this hypocrite. Last time SIR Alex was banned, you were fast to write negatively about the greatest manager of all time.
As for the referees i Premier League: They are incompetent and if I were a manager I would never feel threatened by FA. Let the people speak. Democracy for the intellectuals.