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Mario Balotelli becomes Manchester's ambassador for fireworks safety

Sergio Agüero may be the expert finisher and David Silva the artist supreme but who can doubt which Manchester City forward is proving to be the club's real value-for-money signing. Step forward Mario Balotelli, the dart-throwing, grass-hating, cash-hoarding maverick who has become the face of fireworks safety days after 'friends' let some off in his house, setting it ablaze. You could not make it up.

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kane_lfc3899d ago

I dont know but he sure set Old Toilet on fire on Sunday...

Anderson83899d ago

my friend.. you have an unhealthy obsession with Manchester United.. if liverpool wasnt in your user name i'd think you were a fan.. maybe your a closet fan?.. dont be afraid to come out.. we wont judge you :)