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Corinthians won't pay 'crazy' Tevez fee

Corinthians have warned Manchester City they will not pay a "crazy" fee for unsettled striker Carlos Tevez.

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jak3y13oy3904d ago

all players wages are 'crazy' ... -_-

ngecenk3903d ago

im pretty sure city dont want to let him go. i think the management realize that this whole 'won't play' scandal is mancinis fault anyway. he put things in a difficult way.

Anderson83902d ago

he gets pain 200k a week to play for man city.. it doesnt matter what the circumstances he should always play an warm up if the manager says so

KingPin3902d ago

i honestly think the city management should back mancini on this. they need to give him the type of support the Man Utd back SAF. thats the only way it will work.

if tevez gets away with this, they basically take power away from mancini and all players will start acting up when they get benched from games.

if tevez did that in man united, he would be gone before he even knew whats what.