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Fergie to drop four after 0161 6-1

Saturday’s Premier League trip to Everton.

Ferguson is still seething over the way his side imploded to lose 6-1 to Manchester City - a defeat he described as “my worst ever” - and will show his ruthless side to some of his established stars.

Defenders Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, whom Ferguson accused of failing to use their experience to keep the scoreline respectable against City, are set to be his most high-profile victims.

Fergie is said to be ready to pair Nemanja Vidic and Phil Jones in central defence at Goodison, with Chris Smalling and Fabio Da Silva occupying the full-back roles.

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ProjectVulcan4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Credit to City's finishing and counter attacking to secure such a big win, but in reality had United's defence not gone missing and been disciplined for the last 3 minutes of the game the result would have probably been 1-3.

A bad loss for sure, but still relatively 'respectable' considering they played with 10 men for half the game.

Evans should be dropped for sure for a long time after his suspension, the others just for losing their heads when they should have taken responsibility for organising the defence considering their experience.

Personally i think Rafael, Jones, Smalling and Fabio are the long term future of United's defence anyway. The more most of the young guys can play together the better it will get. Smalling is NOT a right back though, he was outstanding last year in central defence and looks out of place at RB. Rafael can't return soon enough.

Evra's and particularly Ferdinand's United career appears to be drawing to a close. Rio needs to quit international to preserve his United spot longer just as Vidic has- 2012 must be his last competition for England.

neoragex4357d ago


Chelsea were down to 9 against QPR and still they conceded no goals, united on the other hand conceded 5 with a man down.. that is respectable, yeah right.

ProjectVulcan4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

So you are comparing QPR to Manchester City? You are saying that 9 men against QPR, who will probably find themselves as a championship club again next season- is the same as 10 against Manchester City who will no doubt find themselves either champions but almost certainly top 2?

Yeah. Think that through again.

When you play another top class side, you HAVE to keep 11 men on the field because they have the quality to punish you. Same goes playing against Chelsea, or Arsenal. City's front 3 attackers against United cost more than QPR's entire squad, ground...staff.. etc combined lol

No disrespect to QPR, but it is ridiculous to try and draw a line between the two sides. There is no even comparison.

There is no excuse for United to concede 6 against City, but losing 1-3 to City with 10 men for half the game is not a horrible looking result, even if it is bad because of the rivalry. Same really goes if you have someone sent off against Chelsea or another top class side. A draw is usually considered a major rescue. Chelsea still lost, and lost the same amount of points. Lets not forget...

Chelsea wasted one of the easier opportunities to take 3 points, and they still must play City and could lose that too. Man Utd's loss was bad, but Chelsea losing against weaker sides could easily be more costly when they still have to play the top sides too.

Corepred44357d ago

11 men on one side and 11 men on the other. I don't know why people keep making excuses for United. He got himself the red card. It's their own fault. Quit making excuses. 6-1 was the score in 90 minutes. Doesn't matter.

buddymagoo4357d ago

Lets put it this way Manchester United were dominating the game before Evans got sent off. You could say City were leading 1-0 but that goal came against the run of play.

Let's see if City can beat us when we have 11 men before you all get excited.

freeduck4357d ago

Utd fans at the beginning of this season thought their 2nd team was good enough for top 4. Now it goes to show that they were arrogant and so was Fergie for putting such a disgraceful team against City. He was punished for his squad selection (he got away with it at Anfield tbh) and he is to blame.

xX_Altair_Xx4357d ago

Lol Liverpool couldnt beat a second rate Utd team so Fergie was right to think that a similar team could do well a home. Liverpool's best team isnt even good enough for the top 4.

freeduck4357d ago

What are you talking about. Statistics say Liverpool are one of the top teams creating the most chances so far (more than Utd). Problem is that we aren't clinical enough. King Kenny has addressed this in training so I expect Liverpool to be scoring more goals and Suarez to be more clinical.

Anderson84357d ago

stats say one thing your league position another...if you were top 4 quality you'd be there.. suarez being clinical isnt your problem no1 else scoring for you when hes playing poorly is

neoragex4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

@buddymagoo "Manchester United were dominating the game" hahahahahahahahahaha

"Let's see if City can beat us when we have 11 men before you all get excited."

that guy just told you to stop making excuses.. holy moly these united fans are just as dumb as we all expect.


at least they didn't lose or concede 6 goals at home in front of 70k fans, may will tell who is good enough and who isn't, stop being bitter, man.

buddymagoo4357d ago

One result and you think you are champions, lol. Pretenders!

neoragex4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

I don't support city/liv/utd, god.. you really are dumb, which means you have every right to support united :)

xX_Altair_Xx4357d ago

Lol, it's very easy to slag off other teams especially when you're too scared to say who you support. Probably some crap team that regularly gets beat 6-0.