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Wenger: Arsenal can still win the League title this season

Arsene Wenger claims his Arsenal side are still in with a shout of winning the League.

"Of course at the moment we are far from Manchester City - 12 points - so today we have to get back to a shorter distance before we can say we will fight for the title," Wenger said.

"What is important for us is to first get back in a fighting position closer to the top."

The Arsenal boss added: "Who would write off the title after nine games? People who do that have nothing to do in this job if you don't believe that you have a chance.

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jak3y13oy4413d ago

man, that's a old picture...

freeduck4413d ago


and didn't he say a few weeks ago that the title is an unrealistic goal?

neoragex4413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )

MirrorFailBall :)

topgeareasy4413d ago

nope Newcastle have a better chance lol

league is now a two way battle

Gamer19824413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )

Agree only 2 Manchester teams are in it now. He has to tell his players otherwise though to get them to play well. If they thought it was over they would lose confidence.

kane_lfc4413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )

Its only less than 12 games in but if both of the Manchester clubs can keep up there form, it will be just between them but I still think Chelsea are in it.

We are only 1 point behind Chelsea thats how close it is...also remember what happened to Chelsea last season...they were like 10 points clear and dominating everybody then close to Halloween they started to go down hill.

Anderson84413d ago

for once i'm gonna have to agree with kane.. its way to early to start talking about whos in it and ppl running away with it you neve know if form will carry over to the new year etc.. last season chelsea where gonna win the leage after 6games so you shouldnt get carried away

Gamer19824413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )

Chelsea are a completely different team and you cannot compare them to City. People just hoping that happens I think as they are jealous of Citys success so far. So what Chelsea failed after starting strong so that means City will? Gimme a break. Does that mean City will mostly likely dominate United 6-1 at Old Trafford each game from now on since that happened recently? No.. Chelsea were a fluke last season City are a well built/oiled team.

Anderson84412d ago

chelseas team is well built team aswell.. theyre more experienced than city and have been top many times b4.. city are only just beggining to click after 3 seasons and they mite fold under the pressure.. nobody is jealous of city i've said the same thing when united have been top at this point of the season.. its too early to tell and your deluded if you think city are exempt from slipping up or getting poor decision from now to the end of the season.. the fact is no title has ever been won after 9or10 games.. when your 2 games from the end of the season with a 5 point lead then you can talk about who is or isnt in the title race

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