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Highlights: Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal (English Premier League - 29/10/11)

1-0 Frank Lampard 14'
1-1 Robin Van Persie 36′
2-1 John Terry 45'
2-2 Andre Santos 49′
2-3 Theo Walcott 56′
3-3 Juan Mata 80'
3-4 Van Persie 86'
3-5 Van Persie 90+2'


All the goals in one Video

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no_more_heroes4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

See, I knew it. I was gonna have to eat cr...

wait, what?!

buddymagoo4621d ago

Well done Arsenal! You deserve it. Shows money isn't everything.

buddymagoo4621d ago

CH3L5EA fans looked Terryfied!

Gamer19824621d ago

Hmm whats money got to do with anything? This has got to do with Chelsea buying badly sure but having a crap manager and still being too old one new decent player (Mata) isn't gonna win you the league any more. Chelseas old guard were the goal scorers while they were ahead in the game and that says it all. The new boys are not up to the task bar Mata.

RedDevils4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

AVB is not a bad manager, although he might did some bad substitution in this game, but the one to be fault should be the Chelsea players

jak3y13oy4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

what a game!

lol at terry slip up :L

Anderson84621d ago

a slip of the tongue may cost him his england career and now this slip cost chelsea the game.. a bad few weeks for him i think

rvp is on fire this season.. if he stays fit and walcott and ramsey keep up that kind of form they may make it back into the top 4.. nice to see chelsea on the losing end of this fixture for a change

kane_lfc4621d ago

What did JT think he was doing when he slipped? Taking a penalty to win the European Cup?

RedDevils4620d ago

Great performance from the Captain :p Guess which one one? :D

KonohagakureFC4621d ago

One of the banners at the bridge said something like "John Terry Legend"

Lmao, but what a game

xX_Altair_Xx4621d ago

I was LMFAO when terry fell over; captain fantastic aint such a hero now.

cozmo1954620d ago

At 0:06 a women in the background raises he arms in the air just as terry falls over, coincidence? I THINK NOT.

RedDevils4620d ago

CH3L5EA, What's the Mata? You look TerryFIVED!!

Flashwave_UK4621d ago

there i5 a Fir3 ON THE London Bridge

xX_Altair_Xx4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

Damn the league this year is crazy; 8-2, 6-1, 5-3, 4-0, 5-0 : all scores involving the "big" teams. Only City havent been on the end of a hammering.

I've never seen Chelsea concede 5 at 5tamford Bridg3!

Kos-Mos4621d ago

They will, I promise you.

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The story is too old to be commented.