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Highlights: Manchester City 3-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers (English Premier League - 29/10/11)

1-0 | E. Dzeko | 52'
2-0 | A. Kolarov | 67'
2-1 | S. Hunt | 75'(pen)
3-1 | A. Johnson | 90' +1'

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Gamer19824355d ago

Quality defender got sent off and we still won with 10 men comfortably. Not only that the ref today was horrendous! Every time a Wolves player fell to the floor he gave a free kick. The crowd turned on him and made there thoughts well known. So unlike The other so called top teams we can win with 10 men and with a ref who makes bad decisions. Even when playing bad (Aguero couldn't hit a barn door today).

So fans have got to stop using the excuse of being a man down for losing as City proved the better team will still win even with 10 men.

buddymagoo4355d ago

You were 2-0 before you got the man sent off and a 10 man squad worth 150m should beat Wolves.

Gamer19824355d ago

Still going on about money eh? And Rooney, Ferdinand and nearly your entire team came through uniteds youth system right? Oh wait.. Jealousy doesn't suit you or the other stealth utd supporters on here who hit the disagree button on here.

buddymagoo4355d ago

Funny you. Those players were bought through income generated by our club by winning trophies, selling shirts and tourism generated by the Busby babes. NOT some sugar daddy spending his country's money.

Anderson84355d ago

as the guy above me said it was 2-0 when u went down and you only had 15 mins with 10 men.. somehow i dont think its quite the same..

i see adam johnson leaving you guys soon though he no longer celebrates his goals, isnt getting much football and has said he doesnt want to spend time on the bench hampering his career like he did at Middlesbrough.. also mancini criticises him a lot.. maybe he'll move on in january

kane_lfc4354d ago

Adam Johnson needs to quit Man City ASAP hes wrecking his career there warming the bench, hes class and would get into any team in the Prem...would love LFC to bid for him in January.