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Hazard confirms he will leave Lille

In-demand Lille forward Eden Hazard has alerted clubs around Europe by admitting that he wants to leave the French champions at the end of the season.

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guigsy4354d ago

I imagine he will end up at Real Madrid. Many clubs will probably not be able to afford him.

freeduck4354d ago

Di Maria, Ronaldo, Coentraeo, and RM are flooded with midfielders. They aren't going to make a bid for him.

guigsy4353d ago

If they don't win the league they will. Real will happily bring new players in if it brings them success, regardless of how well covered they are in those positions. Some of their signings are purely political as well, just to appease the fans.

Tommykrem4353d ago

I suppose he's a little too good for Bordeaux, but if he's headed for somewhere else than France, Juventus maybe?

kane_lfc4353d ago

I doubt Juventus would be able to afford him...the only clubs that can really are Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man City

Tommykrem4353d ago

Yeah, you're probably right. But if he's going on a free transfer, maybe there are more possibilities open to him. He'll probably want to play in the biggest league possible though