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Neymar to join Real Madrid for £53m

ESPNsoccernet understands Neymar is set to rank among football's top earners as he has agreed a summer transfer from Santos to Real Madrid in principle.

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Corepred43897d ago

So is this happening or not! So far i've heard yes he's going then someone from neymar's camp denies it!

CaptainMarvelQ83897d ago

The last thing madrid needs is another big ego player like Neymar.

Snakefist303897d ago

I dont think this is true!!!

Angerfist3897d ago

LOL this Guy is crap, save your Money and get someone who proved his Quality in Europe.

Anderson83897d ago

this guy is a good player but so insanely overrated.. he shouldnt even be worth 30mil he hasnt done anything yet

Theo11303896d ago

What do you mean he hasn't done anything? Neymar and Ganso are the back bone of Santos, the same Santos that won the Copa Do Brazil, Paulista and the Liberatores(like the Champions league, but way more entertaining and more difficult to win). Just because it's not in Europe doesn't mean it doesn't have any merit.

Anderson83896d ago

i watch a lot of brazilian football and thats all well and good but in terms of quality the brazilian league isnt even close to europe at the moment so none of that realy matters or warrants giving him such a price.. there's a long list of players who come from those leagues with big billing and hype and dont perform when they arrive and he may end up being one of those players so how can he be worth 53mil when he's untested.. like i said he is good and could be great but highly overrated and over priced

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The story is too old to be commented.