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EPL: 25 of the Worst Signings in League History: Part One

BR - When I was assigned this article my initial thought was, "Well this will be easy, I'll just list every signing made by Roy Hodgson during his time as a Premier League manager and that will be perfect".

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Paul_Gale4412d ago

31 million pounds for Andriy Shevchenko was ridiculous.

KingPin4412d ago

this site needs to change their web page design.

i hate having to click a kazillion times to read one damn article. have these idiots not heard of a list. or maybe give me the option to view it in a scroll down form.

RedDevils4412d ago

I hate bleacherreport and I wonder why there so many of it, is like 50 article from it a day, what happen to site like Skysport that is actually news and not just about Opinions