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EPL: When Should We Start to Take Newcastle United Seriously?

BR - Newcastle United are currently third in the Premier League.

Yes, you read that correctly. Newcastle, the Magpies of St. James' Park, are higher in the table than Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool after beating Stoke City 3-1. That is not a typo, and I am as astounded as you probably are.

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Crankbrute4410d ago

We will take them seriously if they are still where they are now in the table after there next 4 games against Everton, Man City, Man Utd then Chelsea.

Anderson84410d ago

yea if they are top 4 a month after xmas i'll start takin em seriously

ProjectVulcan4409d ago

It is true, they have only played Spurs and Arsenal with Chelsea, Man utd, and Man City coming up soon, with a tough looking new year period.

I think they will find it difficult to sustain their form beyond Christmas and will fall behind the top 6, all of whom i consider to have stronger squads. 7th is perfectly realistic and possibly even a european spot- who knows.

Blackdeath_6634409d ago


yoshiroaka4409d ago

He looks pretty epic with it on his face lol like a poster for a overdramatic football movie... where they play... to the death!!

ngecenk4409d ago

yup! what concern me is they focus too much on demba ba. once the others figure out how to suppress this guy, im sure nufc cant do much.

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johnsonbat4409d ago

I'm a fan but the squad is not geared towards competing seriously at the business end of the season. There's no real depth to cope with injuries or loss of form but gee this great start makes a welcome change.