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Manchester United: 10 Reasons They Are Best Club in the World

BR - Manchester United are the best football club in the world.

How do you assess that, you ask? Of course you can't do that on one week, month or even season's results, nor one major trophy. Nottingham Forest won the European Cup in 1979 and 1980, but their Chairman and Manager have both just resigned and they languish in The Championship.

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buddymagoo4047d ago

I think you are just gutted because it is a fact that we are the biggest club in the world. We have China, America and the rest of the world wrapped up and you can only play catch up.

HxCGamer4045d ago

you are an idiot.
and that link is only about value
Real Madrid still has the most trophies out of any club.

AND YEA... 6-1 at home hahaha

btw what u did is like me saying RM is the best because we make the most revenue out of any club

but nahhhh we are the best because we have history and the most trophies =]

buddymagoo4045d ago

"but nahhhh we are the best because we have history and the most trophies =]"

Strange??? That would be Glasgow Rangers. You must have been misinformed

You can have the largest revenue that represents no value. I'll take value thanks.

Angerfist4047d ago

LOL for real, there is still Real, barcelona, Milan Inter, Bayern and many more out there, there is no number one Club in the World.
especially not when you lose 1-6 at Home :D

buddymagoo4047d ago

It's funny when you can talk rubbish and prove NOTHING.

There you go boys, keep looking up.