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Inter Milan keen on Vidic swoop

Inter Milan are keen to make a bid for Nemanja Vidic, should Cristian Chivu move on this summer.

According to reports in talkSPORT, both Liverpool and Manchester City are planning on snapping up the 31-year-old defender, whose deal expires at the San Siro this season.

As a result, the Serie A side are looking to make a move for the Manchester United defender to fill their vacancy in defence.

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buddymagoo3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

lol. And to top it off he has just signed a 4 year deal. How have some of these writers still got jobs???

no_more_heroes3892d ago

Ignore them, you'll do much better to preserve your sanity that way, trust me. After this past summer, I only post the articles on here to keep the site running. I barely read any of them anymore, beyond only what I need to to submit the article here. That's why I rarely comment on these things anymore.

I'm just that disgusted now.

buddymagoo3892d ago

Yeah I'm starting to think that.

On a side note. I think Wenger deserved manager of the month, unlucky. All that he has been through this past month. And without having to spend 200m.

Gamer19823892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

who the hell are ESPN star anyway? They aren't the proper ESPN as they aren't reporting this.. I think Inter could move in Rio though now hes fallen out of favour with Alex and for the right price he would probably sell. Oh and you would think Wenger deseved manager of the month as you "forget" the 6-1 drubbing lol. Thats what got Mancini the MOTM

RedDevils3893d ago

this should be list under rumors and LOL why would Vidic want to go to inter if he would ever leave it should be either Barca or Madrid and that "IF"

ProjectVulcan3892d ago

I cannot see Vidic leaving the club until he is made to leave as Ferguson deems him past his best, or an offer is made that cannot be refused for a defender who is now 30 years old.

For the past 2 years there was speculation about him leaving, his wife being bored with Manchester etc. But he signed his new its a naff rumour

terrorofdeath3893d ago

Before I get owned, I'm a Man United fan*

But lets just take this scenario, and lets say, Vidic leaves. Now who would you sign as a high profile *talismanic* defender to take his place?

neoragex3892d ago

Jonny evans is world class.. lol

buddymagoo3892d ago

Yeah Evans is rubbish! He has only won 2 premier Leagues in his 3 year career and kept 27 clean sheets in the premier league. At 23 he is already past it and can't possibly get better learning from Vidic and Ferdinand. /s

Gamer19823892d ago

wow buddymagoo your the only united fan I know who actually thinks evans is any good and I know a lot of united fans ( a lot of great guys too) Obviously you know nothing about football and are deluded by your own team players by pulling out crappy stats like that. I mean you could say half your backup team has 2 or 3 premier league titles to their name but they would never play in a CL final for united. Stupid stat to pull up for a player. All united fans want rid of Evans and I can see why he's crap.


We already signed him, hes called Phil Jones and he's been outstanding so far.

terrorofdeath3892d ago

I agree. Lad's got a very bright future.

xX_Altair_Xx3892d ago

I think he's staying but Jones/Smalling is Utd's future pairing. If that's not enough then sign up either Hummels or Subotic from Dortmund.

Sahil3892d ago

^^ @kane: Classsic :D

FlashXIII3892d ago

Funny rumour is funny.. Inter can't afford Vidic.

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