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Ibra threatened to beat Pep up

Former Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic claimed he would beat up coach Pep Guardiola if he did not get a move to AC Milan, according to the Spanish club's corporate vice-president Carles Vilarrubi.

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zico3893d ago

he is writing a book about this. I`m gonna read this

LovIbra3893d ago

"just like Mourinho light up a room, Pep pull down the curtains"....:-) Love him;-) no doubt that Pep and Zlatan were not good friends....


"(Pep) was staring at me and I lost it. I thought "there is my enemy, scratching his bald head". I yelled to him: "You have no balls!"

LMFAO!!! Yeah I'm buying his book.

Tommykrem3892d ago

Not saying that he is wrong to criticize Pep, even though he certainly he is wrong to threaten him, but Zlatan is delusional. Maybe that's what makes him an entertainer, but he is the most distasteful individual in football.