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Luis Suárez of Liverpool speaks out over Patrice Evra affair

Liverpool's Luis Suárez could be in trouble for breaking his silence over claims that he racially abused Manchester United's Patrice Evra at Anfield on 15 October. The Football Association has made it clear it does not want any involved party to talk about the alleged incident while it carries out its investigation but Suárez did not hold back when speaking to the media in his native Uruguay.

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buddymagoo4545d ago

"I called him something his team-mates at Manchester call him"

I'm confussed??? Didn't he say he didn't call him anything and now he said he did. Also how many black lads play for Liverpool? The man is a liar and a cheat!

Corepred44545d ago

wish people would stop being so sensitive and crybaby about it.

buddymagoo4545d ago

Strange??? It advocates racial hate. Which has no place in modern society.

Corepred44544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

You're ignorant if you think racism is just going to disappear. The way things are nowadays, f*ck modern society and political correctness. All I know is when I was on the field I was a completely different person. I knew that whatever happened on the field stayed there. I didn't go cry to my coach or mom about he said/she said. I just know that when I had the chance I'd make sure he knew I wasn't going to take it.

Anderson84544d ago

it is strange.. he, like john terry, has changed his story after his initial first statement..
i dnt know what he actually said but those seem like the actions of a guilty man

kulka4545d ago

Suarez did not say anything to him

Mozilla894544d ago

Suarez himself said that he was talking to Evra, I don't know how you can talk without saying something.